Hebei Silicon Valley fertilizer Co., Ltd. is a branch of Hebei Silicon Valley chemical industry group. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a national innovative enterprise, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, a national keeping contract and regarding credit  enterprise, a National May 1st Labor award winning company, and a national "863 Plan" project undertaking company. The company is located in the ancient city of Guangfu, a National Scenery Sites, Taiji Town, Handan City, Hebei Province.

       Song Furu, the chairman of the company, is a deputy to the 10th and 12th National People's Congress, a winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, a national model worker, and a farmer expert enjoying the special allowance of the State Council.

       The company's self-developed organosilicon functional fertilizer solves the world problem of the contradiction between water solubility and slow release of fertilizer, makes the fertilizer utilization rate reach 80%, and greatly improves the quality of agricultural products

       The combination of organosilicon functional fertilizer and Yuan Longping academician's hybrid rice varieties has created a world record of rice yield of 1203.36 Kg/mu, which has been highly praised by Yuan Longping academician. Academician Yuan inscribed: “Silicon Valley fertilizer, Created by China”, and Song Furu also won “Yuan Longping Agricultural Science and Technology Award”.

       Organosilicon functional fertilizer can effectively solve the problems of hardened soil, acidic soil and heavy metal polluted soil, in particular, it can effectively treat the saline alkali soil. Since 2016, five years have passed, from Xinjiang cotton to Inner Mongolia sunflower, from northwest corn to rice of Binhai and Da'an,they interpret more and more magical stories.

       In 2017, Song Furu, chairman of the company, was awarded the title of “China soil repair ambassador”; On January 23, 2018, the cultivated land quality monitoring and protection center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the company on soil remediation, which shows that organosilicon functional fertilizer has officially joined the agricultural demonstration and promotion project; On January 15, 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized relevant experts to assess the scientific and technological achievements of the company's “organosilicon functional fertilizer treatment technology for saline alkali soil”. The participating experts agreed that the organosilicon functional fertilizer and its application technology have reached the international level in the aspect of saline alkali soil improvement.

       The application of organosilicon functional fertilizer will produce significant social and environmental benefits, and make a historical contribution to national food security.