Organosilicon liquid fertilizer series

The world's first super saturated liquid fertilizer developed and produced by using organosilicon solution

Organosilicon liquid fertilizer is another revolution of chemical fertilizer. It is an inevitable way to solve the problem of low utilization rate of chemical fertilizer and the development direction of green and environmental protection of chemical fertilizer. Organosilicon liquid fertilizer is the essence of clear liquid fertilizer, the effect of suspended fertilizer, environmental protection and pollution free, the first choice of high-end agricultural products. Organosilicon liquid fertilizer, create a new era of green agricultural products! Leading agriculture, Silicon Valley win in the peak with you!

Organosilicon liquid fertilizer can be divided into growth promoting type, root strengthening type, fruit expanding coloring type and sweet coloring type. Organosilicon nutrient coagulation fluidization process has the advantages of high nutrition, nutrient supersaturation, non stratification, fast absorption, energy saving and environmental protection, reducing the amount and increasing the benefit.


Package specification:1kg/bottle,5kg/barrel,10kg/barrel,20kg/barrel


Organosilicon growth promoting liquid fertilizer

High activation technology of organic matter is used in making the growth promoting liquid fertilizer fully soluble and rapidly soluble, and greatly improve its utilization rate. Combined with the production process of organosilicon fertilizer, the content of N is 210g/L, the content of P2O2 is 25g/L, the content of K2O is 35g/L, and the content of organic matter is 40g/L. The use of this product in early spring and vegetative growth period can effectively solve the impact of adverse factors such as “late spring cold” on crops,and the weight. It can restore the original flavor of the fruit.

By loosening the soil, adjusting the pH value, promoting the multiplication of beneficial microorganisms and associated bacteria, we can create a good soil environment, so that nutrients can be efficiently absorbed by crops, and improve crop stress resistance.

Through the supplement of relevant elements,it can adjust the nutrient balance of crops, reduce the impact of adverse climate, environment and diseases and pests on crop seedling and growth period, and ensure the healthy growth of crops.

In order to improve the photosynthetic efficiency and coordinate the vegetative growth of crops, it is necessary to increase the chlorophyll content of crops, adjust the light angle of leaves and make the veins more developed.


Organosilicon root strengthening liquid fertilizer

The root strengthening liquid fertilizer produced by special organosilicon technology contains 50g/L N, 290g/L P2O5 and 160g/L K2O. The total nutrient content is 500g/L with the addition of Zn、B and other trace elements.

The root strengthening organosilicon liquid fertilizer retains the soil friendly characteristics of Silicon Valley fertilizer, and solves the problems of slow absorption of traditional root promoting nutrient products and fertilizer loss by using its super wettability.

Through the treatment of soil hardening and acid-base, it can adjust water, fertilizer, air and heat, increase soil beneficial microorganisms, and create a good ecological environment suitable for crop root growth.

Combined with the design characteristics of high phosphorus, through the supplement of nutrient elements, it can promote the rapid rooting of crops, increase the number of effective roots of crops in the tillage layer, and ensure the healthy growth of crops.

Break the obstacles of crop continuous cropping and improve the stress resistance of crops.


Organosilicon fruit swelling and coloring liquid fertilizer

The organosilicon fertilizer production process was applied to the fruit swelling and coloring liquid fertilizer, with N content of 110g/L, P2O5 content of 170g/L and K2O content of 220g/L. The malpractice of traditional fruit technology “big size, slow coloring” and “big size, light weight” are solved revolutionary. The fruit color is outstanding, not only has the big size, also has the weight, restores the fruit original ecology flavor.

Especially adding Zn、B and other trace elements, the nutrition is balanced and comprehensive, the supply is sufficient, the fruit dry matter accumulation is enhanced, and the single fruit weight is increased; It can accelerate the division and formation of fruit cells and promote the expansion of fruit. Let the fruit have both size and weight.

Strengthen the transformation of crop enzyme, promote the fruit coloring fast,and have a good appearance.

Increase the cell density of fruit, significantly improve the antioxidant capacity, and make the fruit resistant to storage and transportation.


Organosilicon sweetening and coloring liquid fertilizer

Organosilicon sweetening and coloring liquid fertilizer adopts the latest scientific research technology of Silicon Valley company - Organosilicon nutrient coagulation fluidization process, in which the P2O5 content is 400g/L, K2O content is 450g/L, and the nutrient is supersaturated. It is the most high-end, environmentally friendly and efficient fertilizer among Silicon Valley's R&D products.

The nutrient content in each liter of liquid of the organosilicon sweetening and coloring liquid fertilizer is more than 850g, which is a rare supersaturated liquid fertilizer in the market. The design of super high nutrition improves the nutrient absorption rate of crops.

It can promote the accumulation of dry matter and the transformation of enzyme, promote the color change of fruit, increase the amount of fruit powder and improve the fruit appearance.

Effectively adjust the ratio of solid to acid, improve the sugar content, and strengthen the palatability of fruits. It is the first choice to increase the sugar content of fruit.